Episode 102 – Kathleen Ballantyne


For my second episode, I got to talk for an hour with the incredibly talented composer, educator, and copyist, Kathleen Ballantyne! We talk about her compositional process, the realities of being a working composer, and she gave me a preview of her upcoming talk at TEDx Chemung River. We also take a listen to two of her choral compositions – Are Women People? and From Shale Rock We Rise.

You can find more out about Katie at http://www.kathleenballantyne.com

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Who do you think I should interview next? Any suggestions as this podcast gets rolling?

2:45 – Segment 1 – Katie talks about her background, where she got her love of music, and how she got into composing.
30:25 – We take a listen to the first movement of Are Women People?
33:40 – Segment 2 – Katie talks about the realities of being a working composer, teacher, copyist, and parent.
47:32 – We listen to From Shale Rock We Rise.
53:10 – Segment 3 – Katie talks about the impetus for the composition of Shale Rock.
57:20 – I get a preview of Katie’s upcoming TEDx talk.
1:06:35 – Katie answers some of my non-music questions

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