Episode 101 – Kevin Michael Lynch


Joining me for the very first episode is the incomparable Kevin Lynch! I got to sit with Kevin in his apartment and talk about recording, composing, performing, life, and philosophy. I also got him to play some music live for me and even explain to me why he really dislikes Hamilton.

You can find more out about Kevin at http://www.kevinlynchnj.com.

If you enjoyed the first episode, or even if you didn’t, please let me know in the comments and on Facebook!

Who do you think I should interview next? Any suggestions as this podcast gets rolling?

0:00 – Introduction & personal background
0:48 – Kevin’s introduction
2:05 – Kevin coughs into the microphone
2:15 – “Why in the world did you become a musician?”
4:40 – “You’re the first one to jump into doing music as a ‘thing.'”
5:30 – “I saw Billy Joel on Inside the Actor’s Studio, and I was like, ‘I really, really want to do that.'”
7:25 – “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, only looking backwards.”
8:15 – “So what are you doing now? The piano bar…”
9:45 – “When you’re writing, does it happen in bursts? Do you get these creative monsoons?”
10:30 – “I wrote a song about ebola.
12:35 – Kevin plays Blue, a song about Facebook, LIVE
17:45 – We talk about food allergies. Really.
18:30 – “One day, I’ll be listening to musical theater, and the next day, I’ll be like, ‘I hate musical theater.’
19:10 – We get interrupted by Kevin’s dog
20:15 – “Do you feel like, when you write, that having a deadline sparks that?”

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